Blog posts can have either featured images or video displayed at the start of the post. Zeences theme also adds the featured content to the excerpts in the main blog listing page. Adding full width featured images or videos makes the blog far more eye catching for your users and will increase the chance of visitors reading your content.

Video can be added either as an inline Vimeo or Youtube player. To add a Vimeo video simply add a custom field to the post with the name “embed_vimeo” and the value being the ID of the Vimeo file – in this example we are using – embed_vimeo = 24030911.

As with pages, blog posts can contain any type of content including any of the 60 custom shortcodes available via the built-in shortcode generator.

Highlight important text or add quotes to create more interesting blog posts that help to add value to your site and increase your traffic

Unordered Lists

  • Emphasise important information with bulleted lists
  • Short & concise points are easier to absorb
  • Lists also help to break up the page and make the content more interesting
  • Lists also create good opportunities to link to related content
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