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Google Maps V3.0

Click map pin to see custom style overlay information box.

[googlemap lat="51" lng="0" height="370" width="595" info="Text"]

Vimeo Video Player

[dc_vimeo id="24573328" width="595" height="335"]

YouTube Video Player

[dc_youtube id="pyOyBVXDJ9Q" width="595" height="335"]

Form with Auto-Email of Content

[forms emailsubject="Demo Form" submit="Submit" emailto=""]

[form_item input="text-input" label="Name *" required="true" validation="1"]

[form_item input="text-input" label="Email *" required="true" validation="2"]

[form_select label="Options"]

[form_option value="1"]Option 1[/form_option]

[form_option value="2"]Option 2[/form_option]

[form_option value="3"]Option 3[/form_option]


[form_item input="text-area" label="Message" validation="1"]


Zeences theme includes a form generator built into the shortcode generator, allowing you to create fully customised forms.

Form options include:

  • Unlimited text fields or text areas
  • Unlimited select lists
  • Set field to “required” to prevent form being submitted if empty
  • Validation for email addresses, which will only allow valid format emails to be entered
  • Option to include senders IP address as part of auto-email
  • Option to include the URL of the page from which the form was submitted

All forms include a hidden “honeypot” captcha, which adds extra security to minimise spam without scaring away your visitors with hard to read captcha images.

Form submitted using AJAX (no page refresh)!

Obfuscated Email Link

Stop spam harvesters stealing your email addresses using our jQuery Spamless plugin. Email addresses are written backwards in the HTML and then unscrambled by jQuery in the browser:

[dc_spamless email=""]

Paypal Donate Link

Donate Now

[paypal_donate text="Donate Now" account="" for="Demo Theme"]




Reset colors

Theme Options panel includes more color pickers for links, hover, meta, etc.

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