Zeences theme enables the featured image option built into WordPress, which allows you to upload an image file that can be used to showcase the blog posts. Zeences will add the featured image the start of the blog post, before any content, for both the post page and the main blog listing excerpts.

Full Width Images

Using full width images creates a striking layout and will help attract more visitors to read your website content. Dont be afraid to upload larger images as the theme will automatically resize images larger than the width of the main column to fit the layout.

Blog posts can also be made more interesting by using the full range of custom shortcodes available via the shortcode generator.

Data Tables

Column A Column B Column C Column D
14.5 12.3 9.4 23.4
33 19 12 3
12.5 15.6 19.9 3.4

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Reset colors

Theme Options panel includes more color pickers for links, hover, meta, etc.

Heading Fonts

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